How to Get Your Girlfriend to Want More Sex With You


So how do you get your girlfriend to want more sex? Easy. Spend more money on her. (Joking. Read on for the juicy details)

If you’re a little embarrassed reading this right now, don’t be.  Every human has something in common.

We all have sex and we all love it.

Sex is a beautiful thing. I’m not sure if there really is a guy in the sky who calls himself “God” but let’s give a big round of applause to whoever invented sex.

I’ve been in a handful of relationships and I’ve learned some valuable lessons. A lot of guys think once they have a girlfriend the “game” is over and they can just have sex as they please. Sorry to break it to you guys, but it doesn’t work that way.

Girlfriends are not like pets you can say “sit” “rollover” and “let’s get it on” too. Girls have to be romanced. It doesn’t have to be every night. Of course sometimes you are both exhausted and you just want her to roll over in a small spoon position so you can slide it in, and that’s fine. But, even girlfriends liked being seduced by their boyfriends.

Most guys suddenly stop being romantic after the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Big mistake boys. I’m going to break down why sex gets dull and what can do to improve your relationship.

When it all goes wrong

The first few months I was with this one girlfriend we had the most amazing sex. And I don’t use the word amazing loosely.

Like this good…

Pretty good, huh?

Anyways, our sex adventures went on strong for about 4 months into the relationship and then slowly dwindled down. At first, I hadn’t the slightest clue as to why the sex went from so good… to so bad… so fast.

Before confronting my girlfriend, I put a lot of thought into figuring it out on my own. Partly because I feel like I’m a pretty adequate problem solver, and I was a bit embarrassed to talk to her about it.

My first thought was something my dad said to me when I was 19 years old. He said “Son, do you like ice cream?” I said “Of course I do father.” He replied “Well, could you eat ice cream every day for the rest of your life?” I said “probably not.” He then said “Exactly. Relationships are the same way. The same thing every single day gets boring after a while.”

Thanks for the great advice Dad. That comment is going to haunt me for the rest of my life every time I think of “marriage.”

So my first thought to what my Dad said was I wonder if sex just naturally goes dull with someone after you’ve done it over and over and over. Then my second thought was, there is no way. There are couples out there who make it work. And if he was right, the divorce rate would be even lower than it already is. So I crossed off that idea.

The next thought I had was maybe I suck in bed. Maybe I do have a few shortcomings of my own. Maybe her ex boyfriend was Black. (you know what that means)

But wait, if I was bad in bed, why were the first 4 months of sex so incredible?

It couldn’t be that.

Discovering the problem

Think Mike. Think hard. What has changed from when we started dating to now? I got it. The romance had faded. And it’s my own fault. I stopped doing cute things for her. I treated her so much differently when we first started dating.

In the beginning, I used to surprise her with flowers. I would come over to her house and hand them to her, and tell her how beautiful she looked. She didn’t get overly excited about it, but I knew it warmed her chest.

I also used to surprise her with random date nights. I would tell her we had dinner reservations, what type of dress attire was required and the time. I wouldn’t disclose the location. I’d just pick her up and take her there.

And here is one of the most important elements. I stopped taking my time with her in the bedroom. I used to go in for a kiss, back away, and gaze into her eyes with my own. It might sound cheesy, but hey that’s love and it makes a girl feel special.

Here’s what I turned into. The surprise dinners stopped. Flowers were reduced to holidays and special occasions. And making love became a chore instead of a privilege. I would get in bed after a long day of work and say “Babe, roll over.” Or I would ask her if she was in the mood to have sex. Could I be any more unromantic? Lol.

Solving sex

Right before figuring out what I was doing wrong in the relationship, our sex life was on thin ice. My girlfriend only wanted to have sex under very specific circumstances. She had to be energetic, and she had to be horny. Sometimes it would take her a week or two to get there and that meant no sex for more than 10 days.

Being an extremely sexual person, I had a hard time dealing with it. Once I knew how to fix our problem I did something really smart. I didn’t tell her what was wrong or that I was going to fix it. I just did it.

Make sure you don’t tell girls what you are going to do or else you’ll take the excitement out of it. Just do it.

I started taking her to to restaurants once a week I would find on Yelp with good ratings. We also started going on walks at night. There is a park near my place we would walk to and go on the swings. Just spending time together outside of the house brought us closer to each other.

After a couple weeks of this, she wanted to have sex more often. Once I got her wanting more sex, I spiced it up in the bedroom as well. We would take baths with all the lights off and candles lit up throughout the bathroom and some french jazz playing in the background.

So guys, it’s not about how good looking you are or your size, or even sexual performance. Girls are all about everything that leads up to sex. The more you focus on spending time together and being romantic, and the less you focus on sex, the better sex you will have. And you’ll have it more often too.

Are you struggling to get your girl excited about sex? Tell me why and I’ll see if I can help.

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  1. Man of Justice :

    Wow, this is awesome. Another thing I found that spices things up with your girlfriend is to play a different “role” when you are going to have sex with her.

    Like for example, if you’re used to kissing her on the couch and then leading her by the hand into the bedroom, switch it up. Instead, start fondling her sex parts on the couch like you’re a molester, give her a spank and say “Get in the bedroom now.” This is not just a bad-boy example, it gives the illusion that shes’ fucking a different man than she did the day before, which injects that spice and variety into her sex life that you don’t get so much in relationships.

    Or dramatically switch your sex talk while you’re doing it. It’s more than saying different things… see it as you’re an actor and playing a different ROLE.

    Just my thoughts anyway. Thanks for the great content.

  2. Hi there I need help. My girlfriend is so uninterested in sex anymore. Anytime I try she gets mad. No matter how I go about it. Romance or not. We go out to dinners we just went to a consert. I can’t do anything to make her want it anymore. I don’t know what to do. Our sex life was amazing up untill a few weeks ago. Now I just make her angry when I try. I do everything to make her happy. I do all the house chores. I’m ripped I’m good in bed I don’t know what t o do

  3. Branden, it seems like you might need a little more patience. Maybe there is something else going on in her life at the moment that is stressing her out. If so, pressuring her to could make sex and your relationship seem like a stressor rather than a relief. I suggest asking her why she has seemed so preoccupied as of late (if she has) or if anything has been bothering her lately. Be sure not to bring this up in such a way that she thinks you are asking about sex indirectly.
    There will be periods where sex is less frequent due to stress in each others’ lives. In order to make it last you have to understand these periods for what they are and be secure enough not to take it personally. After all, wouldn’t you want someone who would stand by you when you’re having a hard time without harping about how your being stressed is adversely affecting them?
    Just my uninformed thoughts on the matter, I wish you the best luck.

  4. GAAAAY. Just stick it in when she falls asleep and quit being her bitch

    • Yo, you are sooo cool gansta! but that is rape so don’t do that 😉 (you know me)

    • You know what’s up dude! You can’t be her bitch or she won’t respect you.

      • Dude I so totaly agree. Stupid women. U work all day for them to have comforts. Do all the manly things and still u get no sex. That sux. If she an it giving it to u freely then u should go get it where it is given freely. Don’t hang onto this type os shit. If she don’t love u then someone else will. Time is valuable . So don’t let her or any woman make u feel uncomfortable about wanting sex. As men we get bombarded 24 7 a day from other women and if she can’t keep her game right then she dint deserve u. Men ar programed to be the romantic on like some dang dog, 100 of years woman want equality but when it. Ome to sex she need should put it out and u jot have to beg for it.

  5. Pretty awesome man

  6. thanks for the ideas ill try it out

  7. whenever she comes visiting and I make a move on her the next thing she says is that she’s leaving…. pls what do I do

  8. Dada dont make a move until she is comfterable on you touching her around her body, acorse you could kiss her and touch her “appropriately” but other than that dont cause it makes a girl mad and turns her off unless she wants it dirty lol

    • i was having problem with my girlfriend, we had a sex every once a year we are a little bit far from each other, we had both work but we have a restday, when i am trying to bring up the topic of having sex with her she gets mad at me. we are now on our 8 years, i dont know what to do? when we are having sex t first i can see she is having fun but when i enter into her she feels very painful but i do my bst to putting lubricant kissing her to make her feel comfortable. i feel that she dont like inserting my thing in her. i dont know hwat to do. it is frustrating i am thinking of cheating with her.

  9. I’ve been in a relationship for over 2 years, and at first our sex life was great.. Filled with passion and a need for each other, and then it started going downhill to the point where it is now just maybe once every week or two, and passionless and boring, just like she’s doing it to get it over with. I try to spice things up to make it more exciting but she is the one that will not try anything new. I have been romantic, patient, tried everything but nothing has helped.

    Our relationship is otherwise perfect. We’re still in love and have a great connection, it is just this one weak link. I realized that it is the birth control that she’s on, it KILLS every women’s sex drive, and I’m sure that is the culprit for many situations like this. The sex started going downhill just a few months after she got on the new birth control. I tried to bring this to her attention since our passionless relationship is tearing me up, but just gets mad because I should accept her as she is.. I don’t know what to do!

    I know the simple answer is leave her, but I’m not going to do that.

    • Dudah

      I hear ya man, same thing went down in my relationship. It was incredibly hard to get her to understand it was not her, but the birth control (nuva ring was the culprit.) I just did a bunch of research online and tried so hard to be understanding and connect with her emotionally while showing her comments and documents of the results I found. She still was wary of me. I ultimately told her to tell the doctor of our situation and if the birth control could be the cause of these issues. The doctor thankfully did tell her she was on one of the highest hormone birth controls out there, and she should think of using something else with these sudden symptoms (not wanting to have sex, mood swings, acting like a CRAZY person.) She agreed!!! life is so much better. The doctor was the key in this, the boyfriend is just the sex crazed guy who will say anything in this over-hormoned girls mind. I wish you the best of luck.

  10. Women love what they cant have, if they have you at their beg and call they will lose interest. Now I’m not saying be rude or play games, but if you constantly sweat a female that will push her further away.

  11. Me and my girlfriend were going great having sex alot and then we just stopped its been three weeks she says she wants to wait until marriage because we are both kind of spiritual but i don’t really know why besides sometimes in the past i would get a little upset if she didn’t get off but i just need some advice to make her want it again

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  13. So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year now and the sex is fucking amazing, last time we had sex she came so much she cried. It was sexy and amazing all at the same time. the thing is she onlys wants it like every two weeks, if not longer. the sex is still great but over the months we went from having sex twice a week to once every couple weeks. not a BIG problem since sex is still romantic and fun, but what are some ways I can spice it up a little? I was thinking of getting a vibrator or something, I got one last time and she liked it a lot. ( we broke it lol)

    • brandensgirlfriendssidelover :

      Bro lemme get in that 3 way and wreck her

      • brandon, if you are just going to tell everyone that you want to fuck their GF, then you should go to fucking hell. They are commenting to post their problems and we should help them, not say that we want to fuck their GF or steal their GF. You are a retarded bastard and will DEFINITELY NEVER, EVER, get a girl.

        • Hey fuckoff, I think someone must have been taking branden’s girlfriends everytime he gets one. Maybe we should help Would you like fuck my girlfriend with that 2 liter bottle looking dick of yours? Shithead! I bet you are a drama king and talk to fuckn much but no actions. You also sound like a gay guy who wishes to be straight again.

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      • branden, you’re a sad no life virgin troll. You couldn’t even manage to have sex with your hand.

        Begone 12ie and visit these sites once you’ve gone through puberty and that vagina of yours has turned into a dick.

        • Thank you!! Someone other than me is against him.


          • Haha don’t worry, everyone reading is against him. It’s just most of us don’t bother replying since trolls enjoy replies. His sad lonely life is sufficient punishment anyway.

  15. Dude, this is awesome. big help!
    i love my lady with all i got, forgetting to show her an wanting to skip the romance an just cut to the paste, but just because I have her heart already doesn’t mean i can forget about romance. i mean hey, flowers never go a stray, her favorite chocolates, walk on the beach or even a picnic. keep the heat, make her feel special.

  16. Hey me and my girl been to gather six years and the last three months have been shitty in bed and every wed she close her store we fight.I kept a rec and marked this in my calendar in my phone its every wed witch is odd..we use to have sex three times aweek but its been down to once about week n half this is weird I don’t know if she found another man or what???I tried to talk to her about it and she won’t talk about it like everything’s fine…..any help will be great…c

    • Hey, you should try doing a date night where you do something romantic. Take her to a nice dinner (doesn’t have to be expensive), make her feel special, and then I’m sure she will be much more excited about making love with you.

  17. Unfortunately, even as a 22-yr old, I never experienced the amazing and highly frequent sex couples seem to often have during their first three or so months together – the ‘honeymoon’ period. On average, my girlfriend of more than a year is only in the mood to have sex once every few months – and even then that is largely due to my inability go any longer without it. I honestly believe that if I never made the first move my girlfriend would be happy never having sex. I know she isn’t cheating with me (I’ve dated several girls and I know the signs by now). I have been told by the (very few) other honest sexual partners that I have had that I am good in bed, have a good body and have a ‘perfect’ penis, so I don’t think my physical performance is to blame (although I can only last about two minutes – but in my experience this becomes a lot longer the more frequently I have sex with the person). I’m not ugly, I keep a clean bedroom and have been said to be a romantic. I have asked her about her sexual disinterest in either me or sex generally and her explanation is that she doesn’t feel comfortable being intimate when others are around. Both of us live at home (being busy and broke university students) with family around all the time, and neither of us can afford to go away together much. Whilst I love everything else about my girlfriend, her disinterest in intimacy with me almost drives me to tears sometimes. What should I do?

    • Maybe she loves you but you aren’t what she needs sexually. Happened to me with my first love.

    • If she is being honest about her response I would try being adventurous and doing it in public places. Not only will it be somewhere that parents are around, but it can also seriously spice things up (which sounds like that is what you need). You can do it in a car, bathroom of a public pool, at the mall in a changing room.

    • I’m guessing she’s being pretty honest.

      I wouldn’t feel comfortable either, if my parents were in the same house, at the same time. You’ll either need to plan it for when everyone else is going to be out of the house, or move out.

      The best thing you can do in the meantime is go to public places like MK suggested, and get creative.

  18. I think the idea here is you can’t stop loving your girl. Just cause you are crazy about her doesn’t mean she will feel loved. For us, she says we are hot and shit like that and we feel great. But girls are girls and they need more. Just find a girl that appreciates you and won’t push your gestures away, most of the time a good girl comes out way and we push her away. It shouldn’t be science or games should just work out for both of you naturally. But when you got a keeper and you are a keeper for her don’t let the fire burn out. It feels good and is rewarding to keep it alive. On my way to do that so I won’t feel like a hypocrit. Don’t let her feel like she’s with some loser that she’s in love with so doesn’t want to dump you cause your the one for her. Keep it up for her and you will be rewarded too!

    • Very true John. Often times guys will stop putting effort into the relationship shortly after getting into it. They treat it like a material object. Work hard to acquire that “thing” whether it be a watch, a new car, etc. and once they have it, it’s over. Relationships don’t work out that way. They are more like a plant that has to be watered daily. Nurture it well, and the growth will never stop.

      • brandensgirlfriendssidelover :

        Any plant eventually dies……im bangin your girlfriend..if you have a boyfriend im bangin him…….single u might say..your moms gettin boned by me then either way im.fuckin someone u love dearly

  19. I’ve been having trouble with my girlfriend for the last 6 month now.
    In the beginning, what I guess was the ‘honeymoon stage’, things were great, we had sex every day for months in a roll. But after about 6 months she started to complain about pain.
    After some research I found out that the pain was because she was forcing herself to have sex, something that won’t work well for some women.
    After a lot of deep talking and some hard times I got the info that it was something that usually happens to her, after the spark in the beginning of a relationship she loses interest in sex with the guy and usually ditches him. But this time was different, she really likes me and does not want to lose what we have together.
    I’ve tough about the bitch control pills, since she’s been taking them since I know her. I’ve read that it can cause hormone issues due to the ovulation that never happens. But if it were the hormones would we have had that much sex in the beginning? (honeymoon phase)
    I’ve always been a really romantic guy, I make her lots of complements, I’m sweet, I do nice thing for her, I help around the house, and not just for sex but because It’s just the way I am. We have a lot of fun together.
    We have sex eventually now, about twice a month, and it is always great, for me and for her. It lasts long, I know what she likes and when she likes it, I’m great at oral (because I juts enjoy doing it) and my hands are the hands of a sex God (her words). I just make her have orgasms the hole night.
    I just don’t get it that if it’s something that she really likes doing and we have such a great time doing it, then why does she never want to do it?
    We just moved to a new city and we are living together. A smaller city with much less stress (last year was pretty stressful, due to the big city and the last year of college for both of us). I hope here we’ll find more peace.
    I just want to know someones opinion. Will we ever get back on track? Will sex ever be something happy in our lives again? Will she ever WANT to have sex with me again?


  20. Hey M,

    How often do you make an effort to get intimate with her? If you are only trying a few times a month, there isn’t really an issue. But if you try regularly and she says “no” it’s a much more serious problem.

  21. Hey M I need help!
    I’ve been with this girl for 8 months now we never had sex, I’m her first bf I’m a really sexual person and I want to make love with her we did not really talked about it I told her a few times I want to but she never gave me an answer….even kissing is an issue she just wants to give me a peak every time…last week I went for a longer kiss she started acting weird after that I didn’t talk to her for 2 days. ..i told her I want to get closer to her and she said there are other ways other than this one….what do you think is a good way to get her to want to have sex with me but without saying it explicitly? I want to make her want me And be the one playing with her

  22. My girlfriend just wants to wait until marriage but she wants it you can tell she’s very weak to the urge idk what to do I buy her things and I always compliment her and I always take her to dinner so I need help what can I do that’ll just make her want sex again cause we used to have a very good sex life but now it’s terrible we do it like once in months and she gets upset after what can I do to bring the old her back

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  34. Man, I spend all the time in the world my girl when we are not working. Every weekend I take her out to wonderful restaurants, and spend every moment together talking about life work dreams fears excetera. I am so sexually frustrated because I would like to have sex way more often than once every other week and if she has her period then it’s another 2 to 3 weeks before anything can happen. I have explained to her nicely without arguing that I’m a sexual oriented person and like to have sex as often as possible when we first started dating she also said the same thing here we are 4 months into the relationship and me rubbing her back and feed and cooking dinner taking her to a nice restaurant or camping or whatever it is that she wants to do I still can’t get laid any ideas on what I could be doing differently

  35. I know what some of your problems are and there is something you can do about it, female birth control stunts the hormones needed to have her get horny! If she takes birth control you should first discuss with her what you assume the birth control is doing then discuss with your doctor what birth control she maybe could try that maybe won’t, or maybe not as sevearly lower her sex drive, romancing is great too but make sure your efforts are not being squashed by birth control or you still won’t get laid. I don’t have references but my source is a doctor so please check google for a reference from any professional MD or MD website


  36. i just want a girl to spend time with me……

  37. So… I have a bit of an odd question. Me and my girl have been dating for 2 years, and have never gone all the way (most we’ve been was third base, both of us) and on top of that, she’s never had a boyfriend, and I’ve never gone past a kiss with any other girl. I get unbearably horny around her…. And I need to find a way to restrain myself. I am constantly tempted to fap, but since I had a problem with thinking about other women during it, I’ve recently quit. How can I maintain a high attraction in my woman, while still restraining my lustful urges?

  38. my name is peter, I have this problem with my girlfriend she told me that I should promise her that I will not make love to her What should I do Please tell me What should I do

    • Honestly? Be a man and say fuck that. Tell her what you want from a relationship and if she is not willing to commit to it then you’re gone.
      I mean sexual relations is the only thing that stops two people from just being room mates.

      Tell her you want a girlfriend not a friend and you won’t just be a fucking teddy bear.

      A relationship is about both people being happy and having both of their needs met. Hence why they’re called partnerships.

      When one gets their way and the other is unhappy, that’s a dictatorship and will never work. Quit her now while you can.

  39. i want sex with me one girl plese girls call me 9014836823 i am given suprize gift

  40. Alright, so as a girl I love this. It pretty much hits the nail on the head. My man needs to read this, how can I either explain this to him or just show him this article with out hurting his masculinity?

    • Do you work, does your boyfriend? Does he sit around on his ass all day making you wait on him, or you sit on yours and make him wait on you?

      Takes two to tango and I see many ladies who want their boyfriend to ‘get it’ while ignoring their own shortcomings, or worse still, not noticing what their guy does do for them.

      I mean why is it always we guys who have to do the romancing? Being sweet and shit? We do all that as many guys and still get the whole ‘you’re sweet, but I don’t feel like making love’ (I hate the word sex,I have sex with women I do not care about, I make love to those I am committed to.)or what we do is not acknowledged and the woman tells herself he still hasn’t done enough to deserve it. And it generally gets worse the longer a relationship goes and more so when married.

      You’re partner should not have to earn your love like it’s a chore. He shouldn’t have to buy it with gifts. It’s the one thing that separates your lover from being a room mate.

      How would you feel if he did the opposite of this column and said “Romance me or no loving”, “You want a date night? Sure, but I need a guarantee of sex.” “Sure I’m tired after along day at work earning the dollars to put a roof over our heads and food in your belly,but yeah I’ll run you a bubble bath, cook dinner, wash the dishes, do the laundry and then give you a nice massage but I want a blowjob in return?”

      I am sure you’d be pissed if he put it like that. But it’s okay to say “if you want sex, do what I want you to do.” “I want dinner, a movie and a new dress otherwise no making love for you.”

      Once you remove the viewpoint of sex as a commodity or tool to make your partner what you want you’ll both probably start enjoying it more and having it more. This is the problem with sex.

      Modern women think it’s a tool to be used to there own ends, and modern men have forgotten they’re men. We can call it quits walk away and have a new girl on our cock in no time. When men remember they’re men and they have the advantage, they’ll be happier.

      I do shit for my girlfriend because I love her, and she me and because it needs to be done, but I have made it clear, if I cannot ‘eat at home’ I’ll go out for a meal….. permanently.
      We men only like the thrill of the chase for so long. Eventually we give up or look elsewhere, we’re very simple creatures.

      So yeah, ask yourself, are you doing the things needed to make your boyfriend happy? Will denying him sex unless he does what is in this article keep him with you or push you away?

      Have you even talked to him about how you feel and what you expect of him, and asked him what he wants and expects of you?
      We guys are not psychic like you ladies after all.

      But yeah, I say take along hard look in the mirror and apply your thinking to yourself before you apply it to your guy and make sure you’re holding up to your end of the relationship 110% before you start addressing him and his efforts.

  41. You are awesome man!!

  42. I reuinited eith an ex girlfriend because issues leading to our emotional problems were resolved. However while we were together for over a year, the sex life diminished towards the end and im seeing the sigbs of that already here four months into the renewed relationship. I would like to know how to prevent the subsiding sexual interest from happening. I want us to be equally interested in one another. And there are A LOT of outside factors that play into it. My life at the moment is going very well. Good job, great girl, bright future, very high sex drive, however she is struggling in a lot of ways that i am helping in to the utmost of my emotional and finacial abilities but are preseant regardless. I would like to know how to help her relate to me on how sex is a stress relief tool (as i take it on occasion) and how to help outside the bedroom to make it better inside.

  43. This is what works for me after being shot down….wait til she falls asleep then take your hand and massage her thigh i slowly make my way to the area and rub it it’s about an 85 percent success rate for me!

  44. Very helpful stuff man thanks for that

  45. Me and my girlfriend started our relationship with sex every weekend when we met up. (She had to sneak out). We’ve been together for 6 months now and it’s only once a month if I’m lucky. She says it’s because she’s had a lot of sex in her life (before we go together) and that she’s just kind of tired of it. As of now me and her see each other in a daily basis and I can’t do a lot for her because I have a shitty job ATM, but I do what I can to take care of her and keep her happy, but it seems that I’m the only one giving in the relationship and not getting anything out of it. Most of the time we had sex was when she drank and she said we did it so she could make me happy but that I shouldn’t have let her because she was drinking….. now she has me all confused.

  46. I think being romantic as relationships grow is great advice.

    Being romantic just to get more sex, not so much.

  47. Handsome Juicer :

    I’m older (48) and take no shit when it comes to no sex.

    My gf of 9 months just started trying to pull this “I’m too tired” bullshit. She stays over weekends and I generally spend $250-$300 each weekend on dining and events. (I’m not rich by any means)

    After a while it won’t matter how much romance, dinners or events you blow your cash on. It will only escalate to trips etc.

    What I did that changed everything for me before meeting her was start cycling steroids.

    It’s been a year now and now I get eye-fucked by women of all ages everywhere I go. I’m 6’2 and still have all my hair so that’s a plus too I suppose.
    Regardless, my woman sees this and she knows it would take a day or two max and I can be fucking someone else.

    Getting back to it, she pulled the “I’m too tired” last Saturday night so I got up, turned the bedroom TV off and told her to go to sleep then. (I was going to respond with “I’ll keep that in mind the next time I catch a smile in the produce department” but I’m not one to hurt people out of frustration)

    I grabbed a blanket and pillow, told her I was going to watch TV in the living room and proceeded to sleep on the couch.

    I kept an attitude and sent her off early and ignored her attempts to reach me for a few days.

    Now that she had a taste of the ramifications of “being too tired” I don’t have any more problems.

    But I will say one thing, being ripped has given me tremendous leverage with women in many ways and makes it almost effortless to get dates with great looking women.

    For you youngsters, start bodybuilding and you will enjoy massive benefits when it comes to women. I wish I started decades ago knowing what I know now.

    • If a girl or a wife says she is living means she wants the attention from person whom she is saying this things as she also want someone who don’t want her only for sex but also for giving her respect ad as the boy or man give to his mom and of course spending time with her . So first think what a girl or women actually mean and then act accordingly

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    best motorhome.

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