I had a guy come up to me recently and ask why it is so difficult to meet women during the day. I told him it’s easier and he then went on about how it can’t be easier since he never pulls any tail during the day.

I told him that if he isn’t pulling girls during the day, it’s not because women are tough to get during the day.His problem is a weak day game. Now, I never witnessed him approach women during the day (or at night). But I can still say, without a doubt, if he can’t pull girls during the day, his game is off.

If getting digits – or even a hookup – during the day is something you struggle with, you’re doing something wrong. Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier to get digits during the day than in the evening at a bar.

I know what you’re thinking. Hitting on women in bars is something they expect and is socially acceptable. It’s true that more hookups occur with women met in bars and clubs. But there’s a very simple explanation for that; more guys try picking up women at night for various reasons.

Day games are, in many cases, not even a part of a pickup artist’s game. If you watch videos on picking up women from so-called pickup artists, every set occurs at night, in a bar/club setting.

Why most pickups occur in the evening

It’s no secret that most guys prefer approaching women in a bar/club setting, in the evening. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is alcohol. When alcohol is involved, men are more confident.

The next reason is because picking up women in bars is seen as more socially acceptable. Basically, picking up women in bars is what we are all used to. Guys will see a hottie walking down the street in the middle of the day but will do nothing other than stare. If they see a hottie in a bar at night, they will approach.

The other main reason is because guys think day game is too difficult, that’s it’s too hard to pull a woman during the day since they aren’t looking to meet people while they’re out grocery shopping, walking or having coffee with friends.

It’s true that women aren’t out looking to hookup or meet guys during the day. But the thing is most women don’t go out to the bars looking to hookup or meet guys either. That doesn’t stop them from doing those things if the right guy convinces them well.

So the next time you see a hottie on the streets, don’t assume she WON’T hookup. She probably isn’t looking for someone, but it doesn’t mean she can’t be convinced. You just have to perfect your day game.

Why it’s easier to pickup women during the day

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to get women during the day. There are a few reasons for that. First off, the women you approach – most of them, at least – will be impressed by your confidence. They know it takes some balls to approach a woman in public during the day.

Women like confidence. The fact that you were able to approach her without alcohol in your system, in an unusual setting will show her you are confident. That makes you attractive.

Getting liquored up and approaching women in a dark bar doesn’t prove you are confident. You get bonus points from women if you display confidence. The next reason it’s easier to meet women during the day time is because you have far less competition.

How many guys do you think approach a hottie during the day time? The correct answer is very few. An incredibly hot girl can walk down the street during the day and receive nothing other than dudes gawking at her. If she goes out to a bar that night, dozens of guys will hit on her.

The best part about approaching women during the day is if she gives you her digits, it’s an almost certainty she will call you back. Women rarely give out digits during the day if they don’t intend to talk to you. Whereas, at night, they often flake out because 10 other guys asked for them also.

Obstacles you will face

I find day game easier, but there are a couple of obstacles you must overcome. Women aren’t dolled up during the day sometimes. You might find a cutie at Target that is dressed in sweatpants so she might not feel as sexy as she does all dolled up at night. Therefore, she might do everything in her power to avoid interactions with men.

The other major hurdle to overcome is time constraints. You’ll have some women tell you they are too busy to talk that are lying to you. But there will be some women that legitimately cannot stop and chat. If you’re really smooth, you might still be able to get her digits quickly.

But it will be extremely difficult to get her digits if she legitimately has to leave right away. You won’t have enough time to game her. With that said, these obstacles shouldn’t bother you. Just move on to the next girl.

Strategy for approaching

Now that I’ve discussed why day game is easier than night game and the obstacles you face, it’s time to get started planning your day game strategy. Day game strategy is different than at night in a bar.

I use a situation and direct opener with women I approach during the day. I’m always friendly and don’t make it seem like I’m after sex. I use casual, situational conversation to approach.

Here’s a good example. A few weeks back I was at Target looking for a new Blu-Ray player. I had no intention of meeting women. I was just there to get one item and go home to watch some movies.

But I’ve sort of built up a natural instinct for approaching women. So when I saw this gorgeous brunette in the same aisle, I had to introduce myself. She appeared to be looking for a Blu-Ray as well. In fact, she was looking at one similar to the one I was replacing.

I started the conversation by saying, “just so you know, the Blu-Ray you’re looking at totally bombed on me, and that’s why I’m here now”. She then asked me a couple of questions about what was wrong with it and I told her. That simple opener led to a nice discussion about all sorts of things.

Eventually, I got her in bed. I didn’t make it seem like my intentions were sex right off the bat. I simply shared with her an honest opinion about something she was interested in buying. That impressed her and it helped spark a conversation with her. Then I got into game mode and turned up the sexual tension soon after.

Every hookup needs a starting point. That was mine. Let me give you another example of a day game opener that worked. I was shopping for clothes at a department store and noticed a hottie nearby. I used the, “can you give me an honest opinion on which pair of jeans looks best?”

Notice how simple these openers are. There really is nothing to them. You simply look around for something to say. The opener is crucial, however, even though it’s simple. You must appear genuine and not fake. What you say must come out naturally.

Practice makes perfect

I always say that practice makes perfect when it comes to the pickup game. Like I said, you need your opener to come out naturally. Not a natural? No big deal, I’ll turn you into one quickly.

Here’s what you need to start doing. Get into “game” mode at all times. But don’t worry so much about trying to pickup women, or anyone. All you have to do is make a point to always chat it up with everyone you come in contact with.

That includes your waitress, cashier, random dude on the street corner, etc. You don’t have to try to get into long conversations with these people. A simple, “hi, how are you” is all you need. The purpose of this is to become comfortable starting conversations.

Beyond the opener

A good opener is good for nothing more than getting a conversation started. After the opener, you must transition into game mode to secure the digits. The opener should NOT last long. You absolutely must get off the original topic ASAP and on to something else.

For example, after I opened with the Blu-Ray comment I mentioned earlier, I then answered a couple of questions about the Blu-Ray and then immediately went on to something else.

If I kept chatting with her about the Blu-Ray, I would be known as the “Blu-Ray expert”, sort of like if I were a Target employee. But I want her to know me as a guy that knows a bit more than just which Blu-Ray’s to buy.

The simplest way to transition is by making observations about her. Don’t make obvious observations such as, “you have brown hair” or, “you are very pretty”. If she actually is pretty, she knows that. Guys will tell her all the time.

Make stronger observations such as, “I get the impression you come from the Midwest”. Even if your observation is incorrect, you can turn this into a good conversation. If you’re right, she will tell you and then you can joke that you “have psychic powers”. If you’re wrong, she will ask you why you think that and you can joke about how “this is the first time I’ve ever been wrong”.

Unless you have extremely good intuition about people just from their appearance, you are going to swing and miss at many of your observations. That’s okay. It doesn’t really matter if you’re right. All that matters is your ability to roll smoothly regardless of her response.

Bouncing to a new place

If you meet a girl in a place such as a store or restaurant, you won’t want to sit there chatting forever. You need to quickly invite her elsewhere. This is an easy process and should be done within 5-10 minutes (maximum) of meeting.

Here’s what you do. As soon as you have her smiling and laughing, invite her to join you “next door” (or wherever) for coffee/appetizers/a drink. To eliminate any potential for getting the, “I don’t have time right now” response, make sure you let her know it won’t last long, even though it will hopefully. Try this line…

“You seem cool. I’m dying for a snack. Wanna join me for Happy Hour appetizers at Bob’s Place next door, just for a bit?”

If she declines the invite, do whatever you can to hang around for a bit more. Keep the conversation going and work to get her digits. Say, “okay, that’s cool, but can you stay and chat with me for a bit longer? My fans are all waiting for me outside this building and I don’t want to go out there yet”.

Scoring the digits

Get her digits ASAP. Don’t wait around. At night, things are usually different. You can meet a girl at 10:00 PM at a bar and might have a few hours to talk to her. During the day, people are on the go. Therefore, you can’t wait around or you will lose out.

It’s not difficult to get digits. If she hasn’t blown you off after a few minutes, she is at least interested in you. Tell her, “you seem like someone I’d like to get know. But I’m sure you have to run soon. Let’s pick this conversation up again sometime soon”.

If she agrees, give her your digits and ask for hers. Before you take off, give her a hug to leave one last positive impression. That’s really all you have to do to pull off a successful day game.