Have you noticed that guys are so scared to tell girls what’s on their mind?


Are we becoming more and more wimpy with every generation?

What happened to the old days when men were fearless and would kill each other just to be a tribe leader. Those were the balls we used to have that I hardly see anymore.

They looked kinda like this.

have big balls

Oh yeah Mr Squirrel, don’t be jealous of him.

I surveyed a bunch of my female friends asking them “What is the #1 struggle in your dating life?” and you know what the most common response was?

“The lack of guys willing to take initiative. Gender roles are reversed.”

Girls are complaining that we are too scared to ask them out.

This is a disgrace to all men.

I would understand women complaining about guys being shallow or unwilling to open doors for them, or something that men typically suck at. But for girls to say we are too scared to ask them out only means one thing.

We’re not acting like MEN.

I believe a change is in order and I’m going to tell you guys what you can do to have girls appreciate you so much more.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Man wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Have you ever seen a HOT girl walking towards you in the mall and you start imaging yourself talking to her? Right then, you need to stop imagining and tell her what’s on your mind.

Here is something simple you can say.

“Hey, I saw you walking towards me, and I had to stop you and tell you that you’re beautiful. I’m Mike.”

There’s no guarantee that she’s going to melt and accept any suggestion you make towards a date. But, you accomplish a lot of great things by doing this.

First, you had the balls to actually do what your mind normally only imagines. That alone will make you much stronger and develop your confidence.

Secondly, you still have a shot at getting a date with this beautiful girl. How awesome is that. Whether she rejects you or not doesn’t matter. You gain so much just from approaching her and telling her what’s on your mind.

Don’t buy into the misconception of “going under the radar” or not demonstrating any interest in women because “it will turn them off.” It’s true that you don’t want to come on too strong in the early stages of conversation, but never be afraid to tell a girl how you feel about her looks, the way she dresses, or even personality. You can read about how to compliment a girl in my previous post.

What’s Your Fantasy?

We are going to play a game. I’m going to share some of my weird, totally strange and somewhat embarrassing fantasies, and then you’re going to do the same thing. You can either write it to me in the comment section (if you have balls as big as Mr. Squirrel) OR you can send it to me privately through the contact form.

Fantasy #1 –


I love pregnant girls. I think they are the most beautiful people in the world. The pregnant glow (which is not a myth) is oh so hot. Pregnant women have an increased volume of blood which causes the cheeks to take on an attractive blush.

What totally sucks about pregnant women is they are usually taken (bet you couldn’t have guessed that). Besides pregnant women are not really people I want to pursue, it’s more just a fantasy I play out in my mind.

I’m sure plenty of people would think my fetish is outrageous and some people might even find it disgusting. Guess what, I don’t care. It’s what I’m into and I’m not afraid to shout it from the top of a mountain.

Fantasy #2 –

redhead model

Strawberry toned, thick, luscious red hair. I think what makes redheads so attractive aside from their hair color is their genetic rarity. The universe makes only so many redheads, and sometimes I wish I could have them all.

What I find funny is that a taste for the gingers is solely a guy thing. You don’t see many women who are head over heels for dudes with licorice red hair.

I was actually so into redheads that my ex girlfriend tried dying her pubic hair red for my birthday (dead serious). How awesome is that? If you’re comfortable enough with your fantasies, a girl may even try making it come true for you. Although I hope that doesn’t happen with the pregnancy one for me as I am far from ready to have children.

Think you can guess what my perfect fantasy girl looks like?

Beautiful redhead pregnant woman holding her belly.

If you guessed pregnant redhead you are right on the money!


Earlier I told you to write down your fantasy in the comment section or on the contact form. For those of you who chose to keep it to yourself, I want you to do something.

The next time you go out with a girl, you are to share at least one fantasy with her.

Precautionary measures to prevent you from sounding like a weirdo:

  1. Do not try this on female friends, co-workers, or family members. This is intended for new people you meet.
  2. Make sure you are both are comfortable in the conversation before you start talking about fantasies. It’s always easier to lead into it by asking her what her fantasy is first.
  3. Don’t tell her you fantasize doing it with her (that will possibly creep her out, unless she’s into that fantasy by coincidence). Just share your fantasy and hear hers too.

It will be a good bonding experience and you’ll be surprised how well girls respond to you when you’re not ashamed of what turns you on.

This article isn’t only to teach you the benefit of telling women your fantasies. Women want to be a with a guy who’s honest. Even if being honest doesn’t always get you laid, at least you get to sleep well at night.