If you are a single man exploring your options with dating, here’s a few things you should keep an eye out for while doing so.

Attractive women

Attractive women can sometimes be like a pothole that you don’t notice until after you’ve ran it over and got a flat tire. Their exterior beauty will draw you in, but it’s so powerful you forget to look at the whole package.

Self absorbed women

what girls to avoidA lady who only speaks the language of herself can be very misleading. As a man, you may think she’s into you because she keeps the conversation going. But what is she talking about? Is she having a conversation with you or just talking while you listen the entire time.

And now I’m going to tell you specifically what to look out for. I present you with the juicy details…

1. The Drama Queen

drama queen girls

“OMG you just spilled water on my shoe! I’ve only worn these shoes twice. This is so unfair. Why does the world treat me like this?”

Drama Queens will take any minor issue and blow it up like a balloon. They love to complain about meaningless things and if you aren’t paying attention to the minute crap she spews out, prepare to get a mouth full.

She likes to be the center of attention with the spotlight constantly shining on her. She also enjoys stirring up conflicts between people including yourself. I once had a conversation with a drama queen that went like this:

Drama Queen : You and I would never get along.

Me : Why?

Drama Queen : We would fight too much.

Me : About what?

Drama Queen : I don’t know. Want to start an argument?

Me : No.

Drama Queen : Yes you do.

2. The Deep Rooted Pedestal

girl putting herself above others

There are two types of girls who put themselves on a pedestal. It’s important not to confuse one with the other. The first type truly believes she is above everyone else, end of story. The second type only puts herself on a pedestal to create a challenge for any guy who decides to pursue her.

We call the first type the “deep rooted pedestal” meaning she is rooted up on that pedestal and isn’t coming down. She puts her needs in front of everyone else’s even if they are less important.

Imagine this… You are working on a hard deadline for a company project and she calls you. She asks “Hey can you pick up my sister from the airport right now? I’m busy shopping.” You emphasize the importance of your project, but she doesn’t care. Her sister is more important and you can’t get her to see your point of view.

Does that sound like the type of girl you want to be dating?

3. The Drag

girl depressed about everything

The girl with nothin’ nice to say about nothing.’

She could turn a Disneyland trip into a nightmare. Anything positive you throw her way, she will chew up and spit it back out at you. I once made the mistake of dating a girl like this. She had the look of an angel but the personality of the guy beneath the ground.

I used to tell her “if you don’t change your attitude, I’m not going to hang out with you.” And it would work, for 5 minutes.

A girl who likes to nag can really be a drag

4. A Sensitive Sally

sensitive sally

If you are anything like me (have a sense of humor) you’ll want to date a girl who can take a joke. Some girls get sensitive over the smallest things. I was on a date with a girl once and after she ordered wine and I ordered whiskey I said to her

“Wine is fine but whiskey’s quicker”

She replied in a serious tone “Why are you trying to rush to get drunk? Do you think I’m ugly or something?”

I responded “Maybe I enjoy the buzz. Maybe whiskey relaxes me. Maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions or let insecurities jump out of you.”

That didn’t go over well, but I recovered of course. The point is to make sure a girl is light hearted and doesn’t take life too seriously.

5. The Wounded Soul

heartbroken girl

Have you ever met a girl who isn’t over her ex? No matter how fun, cool, or amazing you are she just can’t seem to wrap her head around dating a guy other than her ex.

Dating a girl who isn’t over her ex can be dangerous. They often compare you to their last relationship and get upset when you don’t fulfill certain criteria. It’s best to leave these girls alone as the only cure for them is time.


Those are the red flags I try staying away from. I’m sure there are plenty more you could add to the list. The nice thing about this list is you can identify these qualities in a girl before getting emotionally involved. This way you don’t have to get hurt.

Some women are going to have a mixture of traits from more than one category and that’s ok. You may find women with some of these traits who can still make a great girlfriend. It’s important to pay attention to a girl acting like too much of one of these. That’s when you can run into problems.

Have you dated a crazy girl? What were some red flags you noticed before getting intimate?