How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know?  If you’re at a business event do you just start off with “Hi, I’m Chris” or do you have some great line you always use?

Think about talking to a woman the same way.  Pick up lines are great, if you have the personality to pull it off and the woman realizes you are using it as an ice breaker.  Otherwise stick to the basics.

The scary part is what you say after you’ve introduced yourself.

A few things I wouldn’t talk about – the weather, sports and politics.

Good Conversation Starters

Stick to things that are safe, what school does/did she go to? What does she do for work?  Where did she grow up?

Get her to start talking about herself in any way and the conversation won’t lag.  The quickest way to strike out is for you to talk more than she is.  You just might be the most interesting man in the world but women like a man that can listen and shows that he is actually interested in them beyond how they look in a dress.

If you’ve got her talking about herself and she asks you a question that isn’t the time to start telling her how great of a guy you are.  Answer her question and bring the conversation back to her.

It does take a considerable amount of confidence to just go up to a woman and start talking but think about the reward.  You don’t just get to talk to women, you build the confidence to talk to anyone.  Like anything, the more you practice the better you’re going to get at it.  You’ll get to a point where you can read her body language and tell if you should start off funny or if that will fall flat.  You will also be able to tell if talking to the cute blond in the corner is a waste of time.  The more you talk to people the better you will become at reading body language.  You’ll be able to tell if the person you want to talk to is open to it or will shut you down right away.

Getting Started

There are no tricks to this.  You just have to get to a point where you are willing to try it.  Think of it like a game, how many women are you going to have to say hello to before you get into a conversation that lasts longer than 5 minutes?  How many hellos will it take you to get a phone number?

If you really think about it what you are doing is sales except you are the product.  All sales is a numbers game.  The more no’s you hear gets you closer to the yes you are looking for.