Men have plenty of lists of things that women do that drive them crazy, but women have no shortage of lists of their own.  Knowing what women find annoying about men is invaluable, not only because it alerts you to habits and actions that you may not even realize you have and do, but also because it gives you an opportunity to break those habits and improve your relationship with the fairer sex.

 Women are sensitive beings but they know what they want whether they’re just teenage girls or mature cougars. Guys need to understand that if they’re in it for the commitment, then it’s going to take a hell lot more than just the occasional phone call or random date night.  Once a girl has comprehended the idea of a relationship, things become emotional and there are expectations of you as their partner, whether you’ve been dating for a week or are approaching your fiftieth wedding anniversary.

 So why is it that guys can’t seem to catch on to the simple things that gals expect out of them?  If you find yourself constantly at odds with the woman in your life, maybe it’s time you sat down and looked into things girls hate about guys.  Of course, it might not be that easy—a quick Google search produced over 50 things that women hate about men.  Fortunately, they tend to fall into a few basic categories.  There also tends to be overlap among the categories—some actions/attitudes fall into two or more groupings.

 Let’s consider some of these in no particular order.

 Women hate immaturity in their men.  Whether it’s roughhousing with their friends or playing video games all day, it means you aren’t focused on them or the things that matter in the real world.  Going along with this is the tendency to act like a jerk when their friends are present—the too cool for school attitude.  Add to that the guy who can never say no to his friends—whether they’re inviting him to an all night poker game or a strip club.  If you enjoy hanging out with the guys way more than you enjoy hanging out with your girlfriend and she can’t get you to stay home for some one-on-one time, there’s obviously something wrong.

 When guys are trying to be cool and impress their friends, it often involves insulting or disrespecting their girlfriend.  And that leads into the second general thing women hate in men—a lack of respect.  Not just for the girlfriend, but for women in general.  Making rude or catty comments about strange women on the street is just as off-putting as the more commonly recognized problem of checking out other women while the girlfriend is standing right there.

 Disrespect, insensitivity, and a lack of consideration for the girlfriend’s feelings are the most frequently mentioned aspects of hated male behavior—especially if you include the most notorious example of men’s lack of consideration for women, leaving the toilet seat up (or not putting it up in the first place—the only thing as bad as sitting on a seat that isn’t there is sitting on one that’s wet).

 Being insensitive is also part of what women see as the most serious male failing—being emotionally unavailable.  Guys don’t want to talk about their feelings—ever!  And that really annoys women, who generally want to talk about them at every opportunity.  Men seem to think expressing their emotions is unmanly.  And guys don’t just avoid talking about their own emotions, they never seem to be available when women want to talk about theirs—or anything else.  Women like to talk about their problems, but that doesn’t mean they want their male sounding board to solve their problems for them.  Men want to provide answers for their woman’s problems, but women tend to see that as disrespectful of their ability to deal with things.  They want a man’s ear, not his advice.

 But at least when they are given advice they’ll consider it.  Men resent getting advice—especially from women.  And that is another common complaint about men—they reject advice, they refuse to ask directions, and they never read instructions.  All of which go hand in hand with other things mentioned in most lists of undesirable male behavior—men are over confident, have a short attention span, lack intelligence, and yet reek of arrogance.

 The last apparently leads right into the next thing women hate about men—being over protective or over dominant.  Most women want men who will protect them and make them feel safe–but they don’t want a dictator who tells them where to go, when to leave, who to talk to, or what to wear.  The “Me Tarzan.  You Jane.” routine was cute—in the movies—in the ’30s—but it doesn’t work these days.  (And even in the ’30s, strong independent women were more common and more popular in the movies.)

 The protectiveness is also easy to overdo.  Often what men think of as good manners is perceived by women as an indication that you don’t think they’re capable of doing something for themselves.  One of the most mentioned of such cases is the infamous ordering dinner at a restaurant without consulting them, but there are many other examples.

 And there’s more, ranging from the petty to the extremely serious, from matters unique to one woman’s list to things every women mentions (e.g., men are only interested in sex).  But maybe that’s enough to think about for now.