There are certain things you must prepare yourself for when going out to meet women. You have to pick out your attire, decide how you’re going to approach women, choose a group of friends to join you and, just as importantly – decide how much, if any, alcohol will be consumed.

In my opinion, indulging in some adult beverages isn’t a smart idea. I know what you’re thinking – everyone drinks at bars, you would be out of place if you didn’t. Not necessarily true. It’s okay to go out and just socialize. If you feel that uncomfortable, order a soda or an orange juice without the alcohol.

At least it will look like you’re drinking. Save the drinking for when you’re out with your buddies and have no intentions of meeting women. The problem with drinking is it will impact your decisions and mood. You need to be on your game in order to pull some ladies.

Does alcohol remove the fear of talking to women?

For many of us, it’s easier to gather up the courage to approach a woman when intoxicated. That’s the good news. The bad news is you will approach her like a fool. You won’t be yourself. You’ll have minimal control over your behavior. I know, I know…you THINK you are in control when intoxicated. But you really aren’t.

But, just as important, if you start drinking, you probably won’t spend much time approaching women. That’s the thing. It’s a misconception that guys that drink approach more women. They don’t. Instead, they spend their time drinking and maybe hit on one or two girls.

What if a pretty lady buys your drink?

If a pretty lady comes up to you and offers to buy you a drink, ignore everything I just told you. Turning down her offer would be rude. I still don’t think you should get completely hammered. Have a couple of drinks with her and remember to pay for the next round.

If you MUST drink…

Look, I totally understand that it is socially acceptable to drink in a bar. In fact, it’s the norm. Everyone does it. If you just cannot go without having drinks, at least be careful what you choose to drink.

Avoid hard liquor. Don’t do a bunch of shots with your buddies. You need to be focused on chatting it up with women. Not focused on getting wasted. There is a time and place for getting drunk. When you’re out looking for women, that isn’t the time or place.

Here is a list of drinks that are okay to have:

  • Bud Light
  • Coor’s Light
  • Miller Lite

Of course, your alcohol tolerance determines what to drink. Some guys have a higher alcohol tolerance and can handle harder liquor and more drinks than others. Know yourself. Know your alcohol tolerance.

A general rule of thumb is if you cannot speak coherently, you’ve had too much to drink. Do NOT allow yourself to reach that level. Don’t even come close. You might think you can function well drunk, but you’re wrong. No one is skilled enough to pull off impressing women intoxicated.

How to pull off drinking and talking to girls

If you’re out drinking and gaming against my advice, at least take the following advice. Again, if you have a low alcohol tolerance, this doesn’t apply to you. I suggest not drinking at all for those with low alcohol tolerance. Basically, if you get buzzed off 2 Miller Lite’s, don’t drink.

The first thing you should do is to spot women you find attractive in the bar BEFORE ordering a drink. Don’t get much alcohol in you before talking to women. You’re going to save most of the drinking for activities involving the women you meet.

Once you have some girls picked out that you want to approach, go order a drink. Make it a light beer to start. Pace yourself. Then walk around and start chatting it up with women.

BETTER SUGGESTION: Pick out a woman that is sitting alone at the bar (or even in a group of friends). Go stand right next to her while waiting for the bartender to take your order. When the bartender asks what you want, turn to her and say, “I don’t like buying drinks for myself, can I buy you a drink?”

If she says no, she says no. No big deal. If she just wants to use you for a free drink, so be it. But once you order her that drink, start up a conversation with her. Don’t waste any time. Don’t get her the drink, wait for her to say “thank you” and then walk away. She’s your first target that night.

When you do this, you’ll find many women that want nothing more than that free drink. Some won’t even engage in conversation with you at all. Many females go out knowing they can find a guy to buy them drinks. When you offer up a drink to a woman that wants nothing more, don’t get angry about it. Just move on.

There are plenty of women in any decent bar/club. If one girl rejects you for more than a free drink, the next one might want more.

Other ways to mix alcohol into your gaming repertoire

There’s no denying the social aspect of drinking. While I’m not a fan of drinking and gaming women, if you are smart about it, you can use alcohol to your advantage. Women like to hangout with guys that are fun. Drinking is fun.

Once you have a girl you’re talking to, if she seems into you, buy her a shot (do one yourself). Everyone loves doing shots. It livens up any party or evening. Shots can be enjoyed by just you and her or a group of friends. The only problem with buying shots is they are expensive. If you can’t afford to buy a round of shots for all of her friends, by all means, don’t do it.

I don’t want you to go broke trying to hookup with women. There’s no need to spend tons of money trying to get laid. Sure, there are gold digging women out there, but it’s easy to find women that are willing to hookup without having to wine and dine.

Doing shots together builds chemistry because it shows her you are fun. But be careful not to drink too many shots or you’ll end up on the floor, not in her bed. Let’s talk about some other ways to incorporate drinking into your gaming arsenal…

This next bit of advice only works if you’re hitting on a very outgoing girl. If she’s kind of shy, she probably won’t want to join you. Some bars have beer pong tables. If you are at one of these bars, invite her to join you in a game of beer pong. But add a little twist to the game.

Challenge her. Tell her that if you win, she has to make out with you afterwards. When she asks what she gets if she wins, tell her, “you get the privilege of making out with me afterwards”. Women love a man with a sense of humor. By saying this you are building up sexual tension and humoring her. Double bonus.

If beer pong isn’t your game, don’t play. The worst thing you could possibly do is embarrass yourself. If you’re a skilled beer pong player, go for it. Otherwise, stick to doing shots or and drinking beer.

How do you get a woman to play beer pong with you? Just ask her, “they have a beer pong table over there, care to challenge me to a friendly game?” Don’t be too competitive. I’m not saying you should let her win. But it will be a turn off if you are ultra competitive.

Beer pong also works well at parties and after hours parties. If you’re hosting an after hours party, challenge your girl and friends to a game of beer pong. But, like I said earlier, only play if you’re good at it.

But, of course

If avoiding drinking when you’re out meeting women is possible, please do so. It’s much easier to meet and impress women when you aren’t under the influence. Be smart!