Whether it’s being slapped on the face, left to dry, ditched at the last minute, screamed at or whether it’s having water thrown on their face, I have seen plenty of poor men fail miserably on dates.

Let’s face it, dating is a lot like assembling IKEA furniture – you can be a lot more successful if you just read the manual instead of going by the picture. While the guide to women hasn’t yet been made, probably won’t ever be, the guide to dating success has.

This guide aims to be THE manual – the complete guide – to making every date a success. This guide will show you how to make your dates more successful than ever before, that too before the date even begins. Here is the complete guide to making every date a success – every man’s dream.

This guide is going to teach you how to everything you need to know about dates, including, but not limited to:

  •  How to impress the Pants off Women – Literally
  •  Perfect Date Locations
  •  How to sit like a Boss
  •   Topics she will actually be Interested in
  •   What Food and Drink to Order
  •   Smooth Talk her Heart Away
  •   Sweep her off her Feet
  •   How not to go Broke on Dates
  •   Top 10 Things to Avoid
  •   The Perfect Wardrobe
  •   Scents to Drive her Wild

Are you ready to be more successful than you have ever been? Are you ready to not have water, palms, bags, cats and pepper spray thrown at you? Are you ready to make sure that you get a second date? If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to read on!

Starting with…

How to impress the Pants off Women while on a Date – Literally

Guys, if impressing women on a date was easy, most men I see at the bar wouldn’t spend the night reflecting on their life and popping pills like they were House M.D – you know, the show? If you want to impress a woman on a date, here are a couple of surefire ways to do so. In fact, they are so good, you will impress the pants off her, literally!

Listen to Her like you Care

Some women you date can actually go on all night about who they are, where they work, the fun they had in their senior year and/or all the jerks who she dated. Regardless of what (or who) she tries to talk all night about, you need to listen to her like she cares if you want the date to end in success. After all, no woman can resist a man who will not only listen to her, but also acknowledge and care about what she is saying.

Talk and Question

Like I said above, women can talk all night about almost anything. In truth, this may be out of anxiety. Some women are nervous so they end up talking longer than they should. Help them calm down and be comfortable by talking and asking them questions every now and again. This will ease their tension and they will love you for it. It also makes you seem like a man who they want to date and they will want to go out with you again.

Make her Laugh

If there is anything the late Robin Williams has taught us is that everyone loves laughter. When it comes to a date, laughter is what makes the everything entertaining. When you crack a joke (no perverted jokes please), women know that you are a versatile guy. They realize that you are not boring and are worth dating. This will impress them in ways you never thought possible and make your date an absolute success. In fact, add a few suggestive jokes into the mix and you’ll impress the pants off her – literally!

Support her Arguments

If you want to impress a woman, agree to her arguments where possible and support her. She will realize that you and her have things in common and she will become more comfortable towards you. In fact, support her arguments with your own viewpoint and your next date is guaranteed. However, don’t be the doormat and agree with everything.


Most women love flowers – It’s a given fact. Interestingly enough, many women believe that men are supposed to bring flowers on a date, especially a first date. Fair enough ladies. Guys, when you’re going on a date, pick up a bouquet of flowers, possibly her favorite flowers. Whatever you do, never pick them from their garden or the side of a road; don’t ask why, just don’t do it.

Compliment her as Best as you Can

If there is anything that all bros know it’s that women love to be complimented. Let’s face it, you know they spent hours getting ready because they wanted to make a great impression. Whether it’s their hair, eyes, dress or jewelry, make it worth it by complimenting everything that looks amazing.

For bonus points, compliment her footwear, makeup and accessories – the little things – that will impress her and make your date an absolute success. However, don’t go nuts and compliment everything. You’re either going to sound fake or she’s going to bring out pepper spray.

Look and Smell Good

You know she spent hours trying to look and smell great for you and therefore, you need to do the same. In no way does that mean spend hours; it simply means you need to look and smell good. If you have facial hair, shave, trim and/or set it the way you like it. Don’t change who you are but just make sure your facial hair doesn’t look like a mess.

Put on some semi-casual clothes and your best pair of undies, tidy your hair and put on the most manly (but not overpowering) cologne you have.

Perfect Date Locations

There is no time in life that a local fast food restaurant is classified as a date location. In fact, anything where you don’t have to spend a lot of money is never classified as a date location. If you want your dates to always end in success, you need to take your date to the right place. But what is the right place?

A Place they Love

I want you to think back to when you first met your girl. Did she mention something she likes? She could be an Adam Levine, gaming or even a comic book lover. If you want your dates to be successful, you need to take her to a place she will like. If she loves music, take her to a concert. If she loves video games, a convention, arcade or even inviting her over for gaming and food are great ideas.

So how can you find out what she loves without actually asking her? You can ask her friends or like every devoted boyfriend, stalk her on social media.

Locations where you need to Spend Money

No matter how many times they have been rejected for taking them to cheap places, some men just really don’t get the hint – spend money on your dates.  For any date to be successful, the woman needs to know that she is important to you and nothing says important like spending money on her.

For example, if you’re going to a cinema – a regular low-budget date for some – choose a 3D (or IMAX) film and actually buy large popcorn, drinks and a few sides. She will love that you cared for her needs and didn’t plan a cheap date.

However, you need to remember your budget. If you set aside $50 or $100 for a date, don’t exceed it. After all, you need to take her out on more dates, right? More importantly, the moment you spend, say $200, on every date, she will expect the same every time. Don’t go there unless you can go there again!

Finally, never ask her to pay, not even for half the date.

Restaurants that are Quiet

When you’re on a date, you want to spend some time enjoying each other’s company, talking to each other and laughing together. The last thing you need is a restaurant where other people are louder than the last HD porn you watched or a Chuck E. Cheese’s. So, if you want to impress her with a restaurant date, take her to a place where you have the liberty to talk and listen.

Comfortable Places

Last but not least, the perfect date location is a place where you and especially your girlfriend are comfortable. If you are on a first date, the girl may not be comfortable with you and thus, going out to a secluded place or a restaurant far from town may not be the best idea.

If you want every date to be successful, choose a date location in close proximity of her home. She will feel more comfortable and thus will open up to you and enjoy herself even more. This will help make the date even better.

Topics she will actually be Interested in

When you’re on a date, even a movie date, you’re going to talk to your girl. One of the biggest reasons why many of your fellow bros fail on dates is because they don’t know what to talk about. This leads to stuttering, sweating, confusion and one uninterested woman who probably won’t want to go on a second date. Here is a look at 5 great topics she will actually be interested in.

1 – Music and/or Movie Events

Music and/or movie events are one of the most common topics to talk about because it is absolutely versatile. You can talk about an awards show, concert or award ceremony and what you liked and disliked about it and your favorite moments. This shows the woman that you have a creative side and are, well, just as normal as everyone else.

2 – Movies

If your 10-minute social media stalk told you that she likes movies, talking about some of the latest movies or classic favorites is a great topic. You can expand into what actors you like and what you think about the future of the movie industry.

3 – Work

Work forms an important part of our lives and it’s no surprise that people ask about what their date does for a living. The key to this topic is never to linger on the boring parts for too long because she came here to get to know you, not talk about her job. Moreover, don’t ask questions that you don’t know the answer to.

For example, asking a petrochemical engineer specific questions about her job is going to irritate her because she knows that you won’t understand the answer.

If you both have dominating and “evil” managers, that’s a great subtopic to talk about. Not only do you talk about work, you agree with her arguments and she will connect with yours. More importantly, you will laugh at the antics of each other’s bosses. She will love it and your date will go successfully.

4 – Travelling

Whether she is your average citizen or a beautiful woman who wants to be CEO of her company, almost every woman loves travelling. They may want to visit exotic destinations, have romantic fantasies or just want to go on a world tour. Whatever her travelling dreams are, talk about them.

Start by telling her where you desire going and why. She may agree and want to go to the same place or she will tell you her own. Either way, you begin quite a long and beautiful conversation that will always entertain her and make her want another date.

5 – Interests

If you haven’t already stalked her social media profile, “what are you interested in?” is a question you’re probably going to ask. While it may seem weird asking the question, women love it when men ask it. The question shows initiative and a genuine interest in her and she will be impressed when you ask.

Of course, on the 90% chance that you did stalk her social media profile, start talking about things you commonly like. For example, if she likes listening to Taylor Swift, talk about how you find country music interesting. Not only do you start a conversation, you don’t admit that you hate country music.

How to Wine and Dine her like a Boss

When it comes to dining experiences, many men really don’t have a clue on how to wine and dine a woman. They do not know what wines to choose, what food to order and for some reason, have no manners at the table. If you want every date to be successful, you need to know how to wine and dine a woman like a boss. Here are a few great tips that will help you do so.

  1. When selecting a restaurant, always select one where you have dined before and that you believe is suitable for the occasion.


  1. Never take a woman to a restaurant where she may feel out of place. It will make her uncomfortable and she will not enjoy the date. As such, you won’t get a second one.


  1. Always open the door for her both on your way in and out.


  1. Whether she’s about to sit for the first time or after a trip to the restroom, always pull the chair for your date. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead and she will appreciate you for proving it’s not.


  1. If you’re going to order wine, learn how to open and pour it effortlessly. The waiter can do it for you but it’s better if you impress her with your skills.


  1. When ordering, never assume you know what your date wants. You may know her favorite food but she may be in the mood for something else. Instead, make suggestions if you know the place.


  1. Never suggest a salad, never. Don’t ask why, just don’t do it.


  1. When signaling a waiter, always call them by stating “excuse me” rather than waving your hand like you were in a concert.


  1. If you need to ask for the check, simply make eye contact and say “check please.”


How not to go Broke on Dates

Many women will tell you that they don’t mind going on cheap dates and that they simply “want to be with you.” In truth, it’s not that simple because while they don’t mind certain places, they won’t like it if you sleaze your way out of paying for a better date. Unfortunately, as Bruce Wayne has taught us over the years, to be the good guy involves spending money. Unlike Bruce, we can run out of money.

Here are 10 great tips that will help you enjoy plenty of dates yet never go broke:

  1. If you’re a man who is worried about all the gas you put into your tank when you go on a date, there really isn’t anything you can do to not go broke except go on a date closer to your or her home.


  1. When heading to a restaurant, try sharing the dessert rather than ordering two. Not only will your date find it romantic, it will help you save on the bill.


  1. More often than not, there will be a number of free events taking place in and around the city. In fact, many of these events are usually for a cause and participating in them will.


  1. If you’re going to the movies, don’t be cheap and purchase “shared” popcorn because you know as well as I do that it never lasts. Instead, choose from a variety of deals that help you save precious money.


  1. Take her for a day at the beach for a great date. Make sure you bring your own food or suffer the wrath of incredibly overpriced vendor food.


  1. Sometimes, nothing says great date like a nice picnic at the park. Not only can you enjoy some great activities with your girlfriend, you can eat and enjoy the say for almost nothing at all.


  1. If you’re driving to an event or a restaurant, we recommend that you leave early. This will help you save plenty of gas because you dodge plenty of traffic and don’t have to circle a stadium 5 times just to find any parking spot.


  1. The chef’s special may be a rather delicious dish but at times, it can also be the most expensive. Ask of recommendations or daily deals instead; you will probably find you can still get a great dish for half the price.


  1. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on dates, all you need to do is simply shorten the frequency of dates and spend a little more per date. That way, you have more time to save, you save more per month and you look better.

Top 10 Things to Avoid

From picking the right flowers to the goodbye kiss, when you’re going out on any date, you’re going to try to get everything right. Despite a lot of common sense, tips from their bros and years of experience, many men keep making the same mistakes, making every date they go on, a disaster.

1 – Forgetting Money

If you want to make your date successful, the last thing you need to do is not be able to pay the check, entrance fee or bill. Regardless of whether you have enough cash in your wallet or not, always carry a credit card with you, because the only thing worse than a cheapskate, is one that makes his date pay.

2 – Your Medical Problems

While there are many medical problems that can’t be avoided, there are plenty of others that can be. For example, if you take medication for your blood pressure, ensure that you take your pills before the date. The last thing you need is your problems surfacing on a date.

3 – Talking about the Wrong Topics

It could be about your ex, sexual fantasies, money problems, marriage or your childhood, there are plenty of topics that you need to avoid. Instead, there are plenty of other topics you can talk about, many that have been written above.

4 – Giving her Sexual Hints

If you want your date to be successful, you need to make sure that your attention in on your date. While women enjoy sex as the next man, at times more, many don’t want a one night stand on the first date. As such, don’t touch her legs, hands or stare at the wrong areas for too long.

5 – Using your Hands

If you are going to a restaurant for your date, you need to avoid using your hands to eat your food at all costs. Women will find it disgusting and they will not want another date with you. As such, ensure that you use the cutlery and impress your woman with great table manners.

6 – Overeating

Even if you use the right cutlery, overeating will ensure that you never get a date again. Not only does it look bad, it can give you gas and create problems for the remainder of your date. As such, even if the food is the best you ever ate, never overeat. Remember, you can always come back again.

7 – Being Loud

When a woman goes on a date with you, she wants to spend time with you without everyone prying on your date. When you converse loudly or make unwanted loud noises (even laughter), you will draw attention that will make her feel uncomfortable, ruining your chances for another date.

8 – Rushing anything

Whether you want to make an order, request the check, watch a movie or convince your girlfriend to go on a date elsewhere, never rush anything. Your girlfriend will think that you want to end the date fast and therefore will never bother with another date again. If you want to make your dates even more successful than ever, have patience.

9 – Attending a Call or Replying to a Message

Whether you’re talking to a friend or your girlfriend, one of the worst things you can do is attend a phone call or reply to a message. They feel left out because the date is about them. In fact, you can even make them feel uncomfortable if you are busy with your Smartphone for too long.

10 – Asking about Payment

When you’re on a date, you need to absolutely avoid asking your girlfriend about payment. While she may offer to pay for half if you ask, you need to pay for all of it. It will show the woman that you’re a chivalrous man and that you can easily provide for her. This will pique her interests and she will want to go on a date again.

The Perfect Wardrobe

The classic tale of every dork that ever lived!  You meet a really cute girl and manage to convince her out on a date. A few hours later, you pick her up from her place, open your mouth, and the dates over. So, what in the blue hell just happened? The problem that it comes down to most of the time is this: you dress like your grandpa. Yeah sure, you were going to “dress to impress” but guess what happened? You broke theme. While you won’t wind up in front of a judge for this mistake, chances are, you won’t be getting any action if you continue to dress like its 1984. So, here’s the Jen-approved checklist of what you need to do;

Fake It!

Yeah, you heard me right. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with the body of a mannequin, the least you could do for your date is fake it. This might seem difficult at first, but think about it. There’s no way in hell you’re gonna lose those four inches off your waist, and don’t even think about growing an extra three inches taller in a fortnight, but what you can do is be smart about it, and create an illusion of these physical upgrades.

Go Shorty!

The idea here is simple. You want to look taller than you actually are, so no biggie! You can create the illusion of being taller by simply creating the appearance of a straight line from your shoulder to your feet. So, how do you do it? With a monochromatic outfit, you can elongate your frame so that you will look taller, but sadly, that’s the only thing you will be able to elongate.

Broaden those Shoulders, Man!

Having big, broad boulders up there is great, but if you’re just 100 million shoulder presses away from that goal, you might want to wear a jacket that has a structured shoulder. Meaning padded to create a stronger and broader profile.

Brighten that Skin

This is something to remember, especially during winter and fall. Olive greens, shades of brown and earth tones all look soft against pale skin, while, reds, pinks and oranges will bring out the rosiness in your skin.

How’s the Rear View Looking?

Chances are, not that good as you hoped. You don’t need to hide that skinny, flat butt of yours, instead choose a slimmer or tapered style pant which will hug your backside and create the illusion that you have junk in your trunk. You’re welcome.

Are You Short?

Long legs rock! Both on her and him. You can wear trousers that have little or no break in them to help balance your proportions. If you’ve got extra fabric gathered at your ankles, you’re only going to look like you’ve inherited daddy’s pants. And that is one look you do not what to have. Use matching socks to add a little height as well.

Sleek Feet

Wearing chunky or square-toed shoes will only exaggerate the length of your feet. Remember this, any shoe that has a bulbous toe will automatically create the ‘clown shoe’ effect, so if you don’t want her staring at your feet, go with the sleek almond-shaped toe.
So, use these tips and change your profile overnight.

Scents to Drive her Wild

Apart from having an A-list style, there is another way of getting the ladies wet without you even trying (but you will be!). If you’re looking to smell like a teen pop sensation then follow these tips;

The One Gentleman by D&G

If you’re looking forward to a date at your local coffee shop then this cologne will prove to be calm and relaxing throughout your stay. With a backbone of vanilla, this fragrance is reportedly the only weapon in your arsenal that will not fail you. Besides, it will go well with her crème brulee.

The Bulgari Man

Do you know what a bergamot is? Never mind, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the fragrance extracted from this wild citrus fruit has been known to produce feelings of carelessness, relaxation, and a whole lotta confidence in women (‘women’ is the keyword). The study is backed up by a team of researchers at the Kansas State University who swear that the Bulgari Man or Eau d’Italie has the smell that drives hot blooded women wild.

There’s nothing that can turn a woman off more than a foul smelling man, and since women are seemingly extra-susceptible to the emotional power of scents, you can easily cap things off for a better end result.

How Much is Too Much

If you can constantly smell the fragrance you’ve worn, you have applied too much. The rule here is that she should have to get close to you to say, “Gee you smell nice.” So, take it easy on the spritzes or splashes.

Every Scent has a Season

You didn’t know this one did you? Heat has the power to intensify any fragrance. Fragrances are often stronger when they are combined with sweat. That’s the same reason why aromatic or citrus scents work in the summer, while the heavier variety is used in winter.

Using Your Pulse Points

And if you want to add a little something to your sent, then try applying it in places where you can feel your heart beat. For instance, the sides of your neck, either of your wrists and even over your ticker (I meant your other ticker). Research suggests that the throb (of your heartbeat) adds impact to the scent.

What about Deodorant?

Now that’s a good question, while body sprays generally fall between the categories of cologne and deodorant, it is wise to use it as a deodorant. But before you reach for it (you cheapskate!) know this, women prefer cologne, and not too much of it.

Final Words

So guys, isn’t life simpler when experienced social scientists (such as myself) explain everything to you in detail. Sure it is!