Ladies, I know what you’re thinking!

And men… I know what you’re thinking too!

Seriously though, who does lie more?

It all depends on who you ask. I guarantee every woman asked will say men and vice versa. The truth is everybody lies.

Lying is a part of every day life that makes the world go round. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Invention of Lying” you’ll realize how strange the world would be if people couldn’t lie. It’s a comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied.

I did some research and dug deep into this opinionated question and discovered some interesting facts. Women and men both lie, but for different reasons.

What men lie about

Men lie to make themselves look better in the eyes of others. We don’t just lie to women, we lie to other men as well. If you’re a man reading this, you’re probably reading it because you have something all men have in common –  a love for lying. These are the top 6 things men lie about:

  1. Strippers don’t turn me on – Unless you are gay, strippers turn all men on. Girls taking their clothes off appeal to our most primal insticts, and we love it.
  2. You look great – Do women really expect us to tell them the truth when they ask us “How do I look?” You could be pregnant, bloated, and have mayonnaise from your burger running down your chin and we’ll still tell you what you want to hear. “Of course you don’t look fat honey.Sound familiar?
  3. Online dating – Height, age, job, let’s not even get into this.
  4. How many girls have you slept with? – This is always a tough one to answer for guys. If you say too few, she assumes you’re a loser and if you say too many you become a player. Guys typically lie about their number and if ladies want the truth there is a simple math formula. Amount of girls the guy claims x 3 = true amount. So if a guy says 10 girls it means 30.
  5. So many interests – No guy wants to admit that his interests don’t extend beyond watching TV and eating junk food. Sure, you may have hobbies, but guys love to pretend like they have an interest in anything and everything. Climbing Mt. Everest, reading poetry, lifting weights, and scientific discoveries…..sure buddy.
  6. It’s really big – If you really are huge, this doesn’t apply to you but what guy wants to tell a girl he’s small or even average. Girls often say “size doesn’t matter” but that still doesn’t stop guys from lying about it. When it comes to talking about size, the only direction guys go is up.

What women lie about

If you think women never lie to you guess again. Women tend to lie to spare feelings and make other people feel better or to protect themselves. Top 6 lies women tell:

  1. I wouldn’t change anything about youBullshit. Women could probably make a list of all the things they would change. Unless you’re still in the “honeymoon” phase, she doesn’t find you perfect. Whether she hasn’t discovered your flaws yet or she’s lying to you, enjoy it while it lasts.  
  2. The last time she had sex – If a girl hasn’t been in a relationship for a while the text book answer to this is “about 6 months ago.” Girls don’t like to admit to having a “fling” because they don’t want to come off as promiscuous. Guys if there is one thing I’ve learned in my nights of fun it’s that girls want sex just as bad as us. Just don’t judge – it’s a double standard.
  3. What do you think about [insert anything here]? – A girl might ask a question and genuinely want to know your answer. This is a trick, what she really means is “confirm that you feel the same way I do about this.”
  4. I only sleep with boyfriends – As a man the worst trap you can possibly fall into is believing this. Statistics say that sex makes up about 60% of a relationship, so what guy in the right mind is going to make a girl his girlfriend without knowing how she is in bed. Can you imagine going through all that work? Multiple dates, the “label” maybe even introduction to the parents, and then to have it all come crashing down when she proves to be a starfish in bed.  (starfish – female sexual partner who remains ‘unmoved’ during lovemaking)
  5. Nothing’s wrong – Men, if you suspect she is even the slightest bit upset or sad something is wrong. Even if she says everything is fine. Unfortunately women can’t just be up front and tell us “look I’m upset because you left the toilet seat up, there’s pee all over it, and your filthy boxers are all over the bathroom floor.” The best thing a man can do is pry, pry, and pry more. Eventually she will tell you what’s wrong and hopefully it’s something you can fix. If you can’t fix it, be prepared for a 3 week dry spell.
  6. I don’t usually do this – Women like to act like every one night stand or risqué sexual practice is a whole new thing for them. Don’t believe what they say – they’re actually that slutty. But so what, aren’t men too? And secretly men like it. Sex with an experienced woman is going to be a lot more fun than trying to explain to a girl that more positions than just missionary exist.

So is it men or women?

Thus far I’ve given you 6 common lies for each gender and that puts us at a tie. Numerous studies have been conducted and the general consensus is men and women both lie about the same amount.

The difference is that men most often lie to look bigger – stronger, taller, richer, more adventurous. while women lie to minimize – they pretend to be younger, weigh less, have slept with less men.

In the workplace especially, men tell more lies to up their status. They lie about how much they make and what they’ve accomplished to appear more powerful than they really are.

Women mostly lie because they don’t like seeing people’s feelings hurt. Women also lie about themselves to cover up their own tracks.

Who do you think lies more, men or women?