Women may seem like hard people to figure out, especially if you’re a man wondering what you should and should not do around her. While some women will forgive and forget easily when you slip up, some women might take these slips ups as turn offs and it might just not work out the best that you wanted it too. With a simple idea of what turns ladies off, you can prepare yourself for what is to come in the near future. No one said that picking up women and actually having them like you was an easy thing to do. Stick with us though, and we can show you exactly what you should be doing.


Please, Take a Shower

While that manly smell might be appealing when you come home from the gym and just want to veg around; ladies do not particularly like the odor of BO. Women like to know that they are seeing a man that knows how to groom himself, how to clean himself and how to be presentable. So when you leave the gym and she calls; make sure to give yourself enough time to make it home, shower and change. The sweat on your body is not a natural attractant and you should never think it is.

Step Away From Distractions

For just one evening, make it about her and what she does. If you’re constantly checking your phone, surfing through Facebook or Instagram then this is not an ideal situation that she wants to be in. If you’re on a date, she’s eating, no one is talking and you’re on the phone; she is not going to go on another date with you again. Taking the time to pay attention to her, to what she does and how she does it shows that you truly want to know her. So, for the love of all things human; put down the phone!

Dont be Overly Extreme

If you like something, let her know or if she likes something and you do not like it; do not be overly extreme about it. By putting her down, or flipping out or speaking harshly or strongly about a subject you do not care for, you’re making her see a person she doesn’t want to be with in the near future. If you’re not open about her views, as she is about yours; it is not a good match. Be supportive, listen and care what she has to say and what she believes in.

Be More Than About Yourself

If you’re at a date and all you do is talk about yourself, and mention nothing about her then consider yourself on the ‘never to date again’ list. This is where a lot of people find themselves in times of selfishness. Ladies like to speak about themselves, they like when someone is listening to them and they like to listen when it comes to finding out more about you. The conversation should be two ways and not just one. Convince her that you’re a good guy and have what she needs when it comes to dating her. Talk about you both, equally.

Dont Fish for Compliments

While men and women can be like this, it is more unattractive if a man is trying to fish for a compliment by doing something over and over again. While this might happen with a lady when she is subtle, it shouldn’t since the guy should have already lavished her with them. However, when a guy does it; it is not very attractive, cute, hot, anything. It shouldn’t be done by a guy that is out with a girl – the date should be more about her, than him and his ego.

Arrogance and Confidence are Not the Same

When it comes to either arrogance or confidence, they are not one and the same. It is sexy when a man has confidence in himself. It is a total turn off when he is arrogant, egotistical and just plain rude. When you meet a man that is arrogant and flaunts this, it can come down to either sticking it out with him throughout the rest of the date or moving onto something bigger and better. Usually, women will cut the date as short as possible when a man is arrogant just to get away from him. If you’re one of these men, things better change and fast.

Manners are Highly Regarded

It is not wrong to be polite, even overly polite is better than being down right rude. Women enjoy a man that knows how to take care of a woman, how to talk to her and how to be around her. When you’re belching at the table after you’ve just met her, or talking rudely to her or those around you; you’re not playing the good part of the date. You’re not even making your chances any better. Do us all a favor and go back to your mom so she can teach you some manners before you start dating.

Dont Try to Cop a Feel

When women feel like all the man wants is sex from them, it is a big turn off. Not only do women want to feel needed emotionally, but physically can come later on. She wants a man that likes her for who she is and takes the time to get to know who she is. So when you’re sitting at the table talking to her, half listening and trying to move your hand up her thigh; it is not going to go so well. Take the time to get to know her, and not her anatomy when it comes to dating.

Superiority is Not the Answer

Being the superior one in the relationship is not going to go over well. Women, though seeming like they want to be superior, actually just want to be equal. They want someone that treats them that way, doesn’t look down on them and knows that they can be just as successful, if not more successful than the man they are dating. When a man thinks all the wife can do is cook, clean and care for children; this is a definite turn off. We are no longer in the 40’s or 50’s, women are just as independent and successful as men. So when she says she does something more elaborate then you, compliment her, be impressed but do not put her down because of it. After all, who wouldn’t want a successful woman to be their wife?

Noticing Other Women in the Room More

If you’re on a date with her, and your eyes keep wandering to the waitresses chest or butt, or any other part of her then perhaps it is time to not date anyone. She doesn’t want your eyes on the parts of other women, she wants them to be on her. So when you’re not listening, not paying attention and being a pig; it is time to call it quits and she is not going to stick around. You want a lasting relationship? Try paying attention to the girl that you have right in front of you, instead of those around you.

Clothes That Do Not Fit

When you’re wearing something that looks like your two year old nephews or like you’ve lost 200 pounds, it is not flattering. It is not flattering to your body, or to her eyes. Before that date, if you have nothing that fits you then you should check out the mall, the latest fashions and some clothes that might make you stand out a bit more, in a good way. We like to see well dressed men that put their all in what they are wearing. So wear a belt, make sure to check your hair and your shirt should be form fitting without midriff showing.

Cheap is Not the Way to Go

If you’re taking a lady out for the first or the third time, make sure to bring them somewhere nice. While if you’re not rolling in six figures, taking them to the McDonald’s down the street is not going to be a good idea. Take them somewhere nice, somewhere you can talk and somewhere that provides delicious food. When you take her to some corner place that you both know is not going to be romantic, delicious or quiet then this might be the end of the road for your dating, even if you just began.

When it comes to being a great man, choosing the best woman and taking her out on some of the best dates; know how to treat her, how to look and how to appeal to her. By listening, understanding and enjoying your time with her; she will want to go on another date with you in the future. Knowing how to treat a lady should be one of the first things you’ve learned growing up. Show her you know how to wine and dine and have a good time.