You will often hear women say the most attractive thing about a man is confidence.  A less attractive man who knows who he is and has his life together is far more desirable than someone trying to fake it.  Confidence is something that can be elusive but there are a few things you can do to give yourself a boost.

  1.  This is my favorite piece of advice ever – “Fake it till you make it.”  Fake the confidence so that the success you have builds real confidence.
  2. Be disciplined – Do something that requires you to challenge yourself on a daily basis.  This can be learning a new language or even working out.  Whatever it is the more you work at it, the better you get, the more confidence you have in yourself to do things that aren’t easy.
  3. Take a public speaking class.  Join a group like Toastmasters.  This might not be the coolest thing to do but mastering public speaking is one of the tougher things I ever had to do.
  4. Run a marathon.  This ties into #2.  It doesn’t have to be a marathon but do something that takes months of training.
  5. Try a martial art.  Like marathon training this will give you the confidence to overcome just about anything if you stick with it.
  6. Commit yourself to do better in school or go for a promotion at work.  Don’t be satisfied with the work you are doing.  Always work to do a better job.
  7. Don’t be afraid to fail.  Life isn’t about what happens when you fail it’s about what you do to pick yourself up and try again.  It’s easy to say but just because something didn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t work.  It means you figured out the way not to do it.
  8. Put a little more effort into your clothes.  Without having to go out and buy a new wardrobe just make sure that you are taking a little better care of your clothes.  Your shits are ironed and your pants aren’t a wrinkled mess that bunch at your ankles.
  9. Do something nice for someone else.  It doesn’t take much too instantly lift your self-confidence this way.  Just say something nice to someone – it can be something as simple as a smile.  Get in the habit of consciously doing nice things every day and your body language will change and your confidence will grow.
  10. Read at least 1 book every month.  People who read a lot are well rounded and can carry a conversation on just about anything.

Confidence is all about your mindset.  If you don’t believe in yourself it will be very hard to convince anyone to believe in you.  It is one thing to simply say you should believe in yourself, it’s not so simple in reality.  If you are working on your confidence and you have a setback just remember that tomorrow is a new day.  Give yourself a pep talk and get back on track the next day.