Why do girls love kicking guys when they’re already down?

I’m beginning to feel bad for guys who get caught off guard by girls and have no idea how to respond to certain things. The question I see men struggle the most with is ‘Why are you single?’

Why is this question so hard for men to answer? It’s simple. Most guys are squares. Men take conversations with women way too serious. 

It makes no sense considering men are so comfortable and easy going around other men. Imagine if men were just as comfortable around women as they are around their male friends. Conversations would be so much better!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way because men are too intimidated by women. In my head I picture a woman with long, sharp claws staring directly into the eye of a vulnerable, wimpy man.

I’m going to give you 10 great responses to the ‘Why are you single’ question you can start using today:

  1. I want my cat to grow up in a stable environment
  2. Can you name one married superhero? Exactly.
  3. Jesus was single. Would you be asking Jesus?
  4. I keep turning down marriage proposals
  5. I’d prefer no company over bad company
  6. True love is worth waiting for
  7. Just a lucky guy
  8. It’s hard to find a woman that will marry an ex-con
  9. Because we’ve only just met 😉
  10. Why are YOU in a relationship?


Do you notice a trend with all of the responses? They are all meaningless. You don’t have to respond to a question with a serious or direct answer. A little fun goes a long way.

Next time a girl asks you a question whether it be this one or any question, don’t feel obligated to tell her the “correct” answer. There really is no correct answer. Conversations are not only meant for collecting information that would be boring. Take the conversation a different direction and talk about what you enjoy or find funny.

Can you come up with a better response to the ‘Why are you single’ question?