Using Tinder and being successful with Tinder are two different things. If you’re trying to talk to the ladies, but do not have enough suave then you need to consider going through another Tinder course. We will not only teach you how to use the fun app, but we will give you hints, tips and tricks for attracting the ladies on Tinder. Who knows, we might even get you a girlfriend, or two.

So trust us when we say, you’re in the right place when it comes to using Tinder to your advantage. Take a minute to see how you download, sign in and set up the profile that is going to make women want to talk to you. From there, you can consider yourself ready to go.

Take the next steps and learn how to speak with the women you come across. They will be glad you used this guide first.

Don’t wait… get started on Tinder today!

Creating The Best Profile for Attracting Women

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No pictures of your butt, or your dog or your favorite place to ski. Women want to see your face, unmasked, not hidden on their phone screens. If they wanted to date the ski lodge, or your dog then they would have been doing so by now. Make sure to place a clear, full face picture as your profile picture.

If you want to be in one of the pictures with your dog, this is okay. Make sure to add at least three pictures. You really have to convince women that you are, who you say you are. Many women like pictures of you doing the things you love. Grilling, surfing, climbing a mountain; whatever you’re into. What is really going to get them though, is that picture of you in a tie. Women love men in suits, and when you have a picture to show them of this; they are more likely to match you.

No pictures of you half naked, passed out drunk at a party. While this might say ‘fun guy’ to you, it does not to women. Also, pictures with a group of people, another lady or a child should not be posted on your profile. While these might not be ‘your’ specific women, children or friends, girls are generally just interested in seeing you. Only you.

Be Current

Make sure your information is up to date. If it was pulled from Facebook, you can update it there. If you’re manually changing your Tinder profile, you can change whatever is not working for you in that section. Some people even said that leaving the profile, besides the basics blank is fine. Most people come on and look at the pictures, age, location and then choose whether or not they want to speak with the person off that.

You do, however, want to show a bit of your personality or who you are through the profile that you set up. Go for something short and sweet that is no more than 200 words, but if you can stay to less than 50, you’re even better. If people like who you are, they are more likely to talk to you when they come across your profile.

If you’re not a male model, since pictures are everything on your profile; you need something to say about yourself. You need to win her over with some words. Do something natural, not boring and a bit funny, at the same time.


“New York Based Novel Writer”

“Dog Lover, Naturist, Human Rights Activist”

“6’1”Addicted to surfing and traveling”

“Med School, Brooklyn, Loves to Read”

“6’2” that is something like an athletic number magician with a slight fun problem”

“Collector of moments, in love with sushi, good movies and wine”

Do not waste her time by not writing anything in the bio section. If she took the time to check out your profile and nothing is there, she is not going to match you. She is going to move on. Be creative, hire a writer but put something there!

How to Pick up Girls on Tinder

tinder strategies

I am sure ladies are not just falling at your feet, because this is not how Tinder works. You have to go to them, chivalry is not dead and will never be so get used to it!

Be the First

Always be the first to message the women that you match with. Open your hello strongly and make the ideal first impression on her. You want to open up the chat with someone that interests her. The best way to go about this is by looking through her pictures. Do you notice anything in them, in the background? Perhaps she has a lot of beach pictures or she is sitting with friends. Never open up the conversation with, how are you or hi or hey, or any generic opener. You have to be different, you have to grab her attention.

When you’re plain, you’re not going to stand out.

Good openers to use:

“I am stuck on this question, could I have a bit of help?”

“Are you as bored as me?”

“You have a beautiful face, do you really like to surf?”

“I noticed you have a dog, what is his name?”

“Do you like Chinese food? I get a deal down the street at this nice place.”

“On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?”

Ask Questions to get information

Always ask her a lot of questions. As a general rule, girls love talking about themselves. By allowing them to answer the questions you have, she is becoming more interested in finding out more about you because you’re so into her. When you keep the conversation going with questions, you’re able to hold her interest, learn more about her and have her wonder more about you. Want to be the mysterious batman? Now is your chance!

Compliments and Continuing Conversation

Keep her interested and wanting to talk more by lavishing the compliments on. You want to tease lightly, and joke with her a bit to open her up. You want to become comfortable with her, like you want her to be with you. By having a lighter, joking mood to the conversation; you’re both able to feel more comfortable. Try to use minimal emoticons during the conversation. It is alright to add a smiley face at the end of a joke, but only using them once in a while is ideal for men.

Do not be all about yourself too much. Girls do not like egocentric guys. Avoid being the creepy one in the conversation. You want to interest her, but you do not want to be the creepy one drooling over her. Avoid calling her pet names, and just keep it cool throughout the entire conversation.

Ending the Conversation

Always leave them wanting more when they talk to you. You can just say, “hey, gotta run… I will talk to you later.” Something that is short and simple, and then makes them wait for you to come back on later is something that will keep their interest in you alive. Try not to be cut and dry, or just say bye. You want to say you have to run, you have something to do, you have work, gym, time with family, etc. that has to be done. Be real with them, but not creepy… never creepy.


a tinder match

When you obtain a match and you start talking to them more, you may find that you want to meet up with them and see how they are in person. While this might seem like a good idea, everyone has to take precautions to protect themselves since you do not know who they are, and she does not know who you are. By meeting in a public place, perhaps for lunch or dinner; you’re both able to get to know one another and feel more comfortable about hanging out more.

Speak with them enough before making this move, or inviting them out. You do not want them to feel pressured or pushed into meeting you off of the app. The app is for dating, and getting to know people but sometimes girls like to protect themselves and get to know someone before they make the decision to meet them. Never push her to do something she does not want to do, including meeting you somewhere.

If you click during the first date, make sure to ask her out on another date. You never know where things can lead too. The app was made with dating, meeting people and making new relationships. If you find your special someone on Tinder, then more power to you. If not, you still had the chance to talk with and meet many different people that interested you.

Once you’ve used the Tinder app for some time, you can feel more confident about talking to single women, having a good time and potentially meeting someone you can fall in love with. Finding your other half can happen, but you might need some help along the way. This is why Tinder was invented, and why millions of people are on it, right now, searching for their other half.