Sorority girls can be some of the hottest girls on campus but it might not be in your best interest to date them while you are in college. Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before you date a sorority girl.

Scene Dating Is Bad Matingsorority girls

Greek Life is a hazardous scene, so dating women within it carries some circumstantial risks. She may like you, but there’s a chance that she just likes the idea of you, and how jealous her sisters will be once they see how much she upped her game. Keep an eye out for these lady players, they just want you for your market value.

Her Little is Going to Be Hotter

 It’s just the way things work. You’re dating a sorority girl, thinking you got it best, and then next fall comes around and her little could be a damn Victoria Secret Model. She’s stoked, you’re bummed, and the world keeps spinning round. By the way, cut all hopes of getting with the fresher selection. She’s going to protect that like a new born cub, and guess who is last in line? That’s right, all of her ex-boyfriends.

“Of Course I Told Them How Big It Is”

Sisters talk. Sisters talk a lot. Ask any of them and they’ll tell you the opposite, but you can pretty much guarantee that all of her sisters know your hypothetical girlfriend refers to your man down under as “Private Spice”.

Sisters Are The Quickest To Judge

Her sisters are going to be judging every second of your boyfriend-hood with the girl you choose. Most guys don’t learn this until the entire sorority is calling them an “d-bag”, and they’ve already lost their chance at any other girl wearing the same letters.   Don’t learn the hard way, find a gem in a house you don’t normally play with and follow that route instead.

They Have to Party Somewhere Else

They’re throwing on a bunny tail and running into houses you’ve never been to, that are filled with men you don’t know, who want nothing more than to end your relationship. Unless you’re into that high speed, low reward lifestyle, this is a good situation to stay away from. Not to mention, drunk bunnies love carrots.

Beer is Better than Wine

 Dating a woman means that sometimes, you have to give in and do some things that she wants to do. Dating a sorority girl means that a lot of times, you’re going to end up helping her drain a box of Franzia with 3 of her sisters before you show up an hour and a half late to that party you’ve been looking forward too. Choose beer, my friends.

Miley Cyrus Gets Old Fast

La Da Di Da Di, who the hell turned this song on? That’s right, it’s your hypothetical, sorority claimed, wine guzzling girlfriend and her 4 dancing sisters who all seem to think they sound ‘just like Miley’. The worst part is, they’re not twerking for you. Looks like you’d better get used to those voices

Sleeping in the Sorority House

If you find yourself dating a live-in, then you’re bound to end up on that tiny twin mattress that they call a bed. Even worse, you’re going to wake up to an estrogen bomb blowing up all over your manhood, and it’s not going to be pretty. No man wants to be part of a 15 woman morning ritual, and unless ‘tampons and pumpkin spice latte’s’ are your favorite early morning topics, I would avoid ever experiencing this train wreck.

She’ll Wear Your Balls as Earrings

If you’ve recently begun courtship with a boyfriend-craving sorority girl, then don’t be shocked when your tone is on the rise. It probably just means that your new partner has removed your manhood for use in her jewelry collection. Don’t worry, she’ll return them when she’s done with them. Along with your snapback, your frat tank, your sunglasses, your shirt from that one night, and your long-lost dignity. But really, you’re not getting any of that back. So get A-chi-over it.